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Offices : Operating Office:
Via Bruno Buozzi 2/B
26866 Sant Angelo (LO)

VAT: IT08477480969

You can contact us here
Show Room:
Via Giacomo Leopardi 26
20123 Milano

Incorporated in 2006, LumiGram® has been pioneering the development and use of innovative luminous technologies in textiles ever since.
Our team has developped a unique expertise & technology in luminous fabrics & textiles, that has been used for creating many never seen before products & projects.
These products & projects have demonstrated the amazing possibilities of the luminous fiber optics fabric in many areas, such as decoration & interior architecture, fashion, show business, special events, marketing & promotional items, furnitures, packaging, safety, etc...
LumiGram's products & luminous fabrics are available directly from us, or via our online store (worldwide shipping), or at selected retailers.

Our products are designed & made in Europe, and are based on a patented technology.

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LumiGram® designs and distributes the following products:
  • fiber optic fabric, luminous fabric, light emitting fabric, LED fabric, light up fabric, illuminated fabric, glowing fabric, luminous textile, luminescent fabric, fiber optic lighting, LED lighting
  • luminous tablecloth, fiber optic tablecloth, linens for special events, luminous table runner, luminous curtain, fiber optic curtain, luminous cushion, luminous wall panel, fiber optic wall panel
  • luminous clothing, fiber optic clothing, light up clothing, light emitting clothing, illuminated clothing, LED clothing, luminous dress, luminous outfits for special events, luminous safety vest, luminous costumes, LED costumes, Luminous T-Shirt, LED T-Shirt, fiber optic accessories

LumiGram® dise√Īa y distribuye los siguientes productos:
  • Tejido de fibra √≥ptica, tela luminosa, tela emisor de luz, tela LED, tela brillante, luminoso textil, tejido luminiscente, iluminaci√≥n fibra √≥ptica, iluminaci√≥n LED
  • mantel luminoso, manteles de fibra √≥ptica, ropa para eventos especiales, camino de mesa luminosa, cortina luminosa de fibra √≥ptica, coj√≠n luminoso, panel de pared luminoso, panel de pared de fibra √≥ptica
  • ropa luminosas encendidas, ropa de fibra √≥ptica, trajes luminosos para eventos especiales, chaleco de seguridad luminoso, trajes luminosos LED, luminosos camiseta, fibra √≥ptica accesorios

LumiGram® projeta e distribui os seguintes produtos:
  • Tecido fibra √≥ptica, tela luminosa, tecido emissor de luz, tela LED, tecido brilhante, luminosa t√™xtil, tecido luminescente, ilumina√ß√£o fibra √≥ptica, ilumina√ß√£o LED
  • toalha de mesa luminosa, toalha de mesa fibra √≥ptica, roupa de cama para eventos especiais, corredor da tabela, cortina luminosa luminosa, cortina de fibra √≥ptica, almofada luminosa, painel de parede luminosa, painel de parede fibra √≥ptica
  • roupas luminosas, roupas iluminadas, roupas de fibra √≥ptica, vestido luminoso, roupas luminosa para eventos especiais, colete de seguran√ßa luminosa, trajes luminosos LED, luminosos t-shirt, Acess√≥rios para fibra √≥ptica

LumiGram® entwirft und vertreibt folgende Produkte:
  • Faseroptik Gewebe, leuchtende Gewebe, Licht emittierende Gewebe, LED Gewebe, leuchtende Textilien, lumineszierenden Gewebe, Faseroptik-Beleuchtung, LED-Beleuchtung
  • Leuchtende Tischtuch, Faseroptik Tischtuch, Bettw√§sche f√ľr besondere Anl√§sse, leuchtende Tischl√§ufer, leuchtenden Vorhang, Faseroptik Vorhang, leuchtende Kissen, leuchtende Wandpaneel, Faseroptik Wandpaneel
  • Leuchtende Kleidung, brennende Kleidung, Faseroptik Kleidung, LED Kleidung, helle Kleidung, leuchtenden Kleidung f√ľr besondere Anl√§sse, leuchtende Warnweste, leuchtende Kost√ľme, LED Kost√ľmen, Leuchtende T-Shirt, Faseroptik-Zubeh√∂r

LumiGram® ontwerpt en distribueert de volgende producten:
  • glasvezel weefsel, lichtgevende stof, lichtgevende stof, LED-stof, branden stof, gloeiende stof, lichtgevend textiel, verlichte stof, glasvezel verlichting, LED-verlichting
  • lichtgevende tafelkleed, glasvezel tafelkleed, beddengoed voor speciale evenementen, lichtgevende tafelloper, lichtgevend gordijn, glasvezel gordijn, lichtgevend kussen, lichtgevend wandpaneel, glasvezel wandpaneel
  • lichtgevende kleding, verlichte kleding, glasvezel kleding, oplichten kleren, lichtgevende kleding, LED kleren, lichtgevende jurk, lichtgevende outfits voor speciale evenementen, lichtgevende veiligheidsvest, lichtgevende kostuums, LED kostuums

LumiGram® designar och distribuerar f√∂ljande produkter:
  • fiberoptik tyg, lysande tyg, ljusemitterande tyg, LED tyg, lyser tyg, gl√∂dande tyg, lysande textil, sj√§lvlysande tyg, fiberoptik belysning, LED-belysning
  • lysande bordsduk, fiberoptik duk, s√§ngkl√§der f√∂r speciella evenemang, lysande l√∂pare, lysande gardin, fiberoptisk gardin, lysande kudde, lysande v√§ggpanel, fiberoptiska v√§ggpanel
  • lysande kl√§der, t√§nda kl√§der, fiberoptik kl√§der, ljus upp kl√§der, ljusemitterande kl√§der, LED kl√§der, lysande kl√§nning, sj√§lvlysande kl√§der f√∂r speciella evenemang, lysande s√§kerhetsv√§st, lysande dr√§kter, LED kostymer, fiberoptiska tillbeh√∂r

LumiGram® tasarimlari ve asagidaki √ľr√ľnleri dagitir:
  • fiber optik kumas, parlak kumas, isik yayan kumas, LED kumas, kumas isik, parlayan kumas, isik tekstil, parlak kumas, fiber optik aydinlatma, LED aydinlatma
  • √∂zel etkinlikler, isikli masa runner, isik perdesi, fiber optik perde, isik yastik, isik duvar panosu, fiber optik duvar paneli i√ßin isikli masa √∂rt√ľs√ľ, fiber optik masa √∂rt√ľs√ľ, nevresim
  • parlak giysiler, yanan giysi, fiber optik giysiler, giysileri isik, isik yayan giysiler, LED elbise, parlak elbise, √∂zel etkinlikler, isikli g√ľvenlik yelegi, isiltili kost√ľmleri, LED kost√ľmleri, Isiltili T-Shirt, LED T-Shirt, i√ßin parlak kiyafetler fiber optik aksesuarlari

LumiGram® desain dan mendistribusikan produk berikut:
  • serat optik kain, kain bercahaya, kain memancarkan cahaya, kain LED, menyala kain, kain bercahaya, tekstil bercahaya, kain luminescent, serat optik pencahayaan, pencahayaan LED
  • bercahaya taplak meja, serat optik taplak meja, linen untuk acara khusus, runner meja bercahaya, tirai bercahaya, tirai serat optik, bantal bercahaya, bercahaya panel dinding, panel dinding serat optik
  • bercahaya pakaian, pakaian terang, serat optik pakaian, menyala pakaian, pakaian memancarkan cahaya, pakaian LED, gaun bercahaya, pakaian bercahaya untuk acara khusus, rompi keselamatan bercahaya, kostum bercahaya, kostum LED, serat optik aksesoris

LumiGram®, Light for Style