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Luminous fabric
Fiber Optic fabric
Luminous fabric<br>Fiber Optic fabric
The Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric is a fabric that litterally lights up (light emitting fabric / illuminated fabric); It is made of ultra-thin optical fibers, directly woven with synthetic fibers.
The optical fibers are specially processed in order to allow the light to be emitted along the full length of the fibers (side emitting fibers). The optical fibers are then connected at the edge of the fabric to ultra-bright LEDs which inject light into the fabric. The light is distributed evenly across the entire surface of the fabric, resulting in a self illuminating textile.
The resulting fabric is very unique, providing and elegant lighting all over its surface, with a distintive starry sky texture.

The Fiber Optic Fabric is available in a dozen of colors. It is flexible, fast, light weight, does not heat up and consumes little power. It water resistant and can be washed.
This makes the luminous Fabric ideal for many applications, such as light up clothing (night fashion, stage costumes,...), home decoration, interior architecture, stage decoration (fiber optics curtains,...), cars decoration, furniture, special events and promotional items.

design by atelier Kim Gottlieb

The luminous Fiber Optic Fabric is actually complete set, including the fabric itself, optical modules (LEDs) connected to the fabric, and power supply (batteries or AC adapter depending on options)
For technical reasons, we do not sell the raw fiber optic fabric "as is" per meter or per yard, but we provide “ready for use” pieces of luminous fabric, that we call "luminous panels".
Luminous panels are pieces of Fiber Optic Fabric, ready for use, proposed with standard or custom dimensions (rectangular shape), with optical modules and power supply.
The panels can be cut to their final shape (following some specific rules) and sewn with standard sewing machines.
LumiGram can provide design and development services for clients wishing to use fiber optic fabric in their products.

A Sample Pack of Fiber Optic fabric is available in our Online Store
Luminous Panels of Fiber Optic Fabric (standard dimensions) can be purchased here:

The Luminous panels are meant to be used for making clothing, furnitures, wall panels, etc... If you need a finished product, to be used as a stand alone product, then please check our table clothes, table runners, curtains, etc...

Luminous panels of Fiber Optic fabric: Specifications
  • Luminous panels of Fiber Optic Fabric are complete sets, ready for use, including the fabric itself, optical modules (LEDs) connected to the fabric, and power supply (batteries or AC adapter depending on options)
  • Luminous panels are rectangular pieces of fabric, with 1 or 2 of the sides including the wiring and optical modules
  • Depending on your application, the Luminous panels can be powered by batteries or AC adapters.
  • Available with Standard optical modules (for battery or AC powered applications) or High Brightness optical modules (allowing daylight visibility of the lighting effect; for AC powered apllications only)
  • Available in 11 fabric colors (silver, black, red, green, light blue, blue, yellow, pink, gold,…). The color table can be downloaded here
  • The light (optical modules) can be green, blue, red or white. Color changing modules (RGB) are available with High Brightness Optical Modules (AC power only).
  • Luminous panels can be cut (shaped) following some specific rules & limitations (the sides including the wiring can not be modified), and sewn with standard sewing machines.
  • A panel can't be cut into independent pieces: if you need several independent pieces, you need to order as many panels, with the right dimensions. On specific request, several panels (up to 4) can be powered by the same power supply
  • The maximum width of a panel is 150cm (59 inches).
  • The maximum length can be several meters (yards).

The pricing of custom luminous panels (non standard dimensions, large quantities) is made on a case by case basis, depending on the exact dimensions of the panels and of the quantities.

For ordering custom luminous panels, please provide us with the required specifications for each panel:
  • dimensions
  • side(s) on which you want the optical wiring
  • fabric color, light color
  • type of power (batteries or AC adapter)
  • type of optical module (Standard, High Brightness, RGB)
  • type of power connection (1 power source for each panel, or several panels connected to a single power source)

Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

Our Fiber Optic Fabric items are based on Luminex® patented material.
Our products are designed & made in Europe.

Luminous fiber optic fabric panel with High Brightness optical modules, for daylight use (AC powered)

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